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Breackeasy, Lou Cohen

Genre Video Art | Language French | Length 25’ | Format Multi-screen 16:9-HD | Country Switzerland | Released 2021 | Contact Lou Cohen || +33 7 83 04 65 53

This film can be seen as a chronicle of work in the world of startups,

this new world that promises to simplify the life of everyone, thanks to digital technology,

to solve, thanks to digital technology, the most pressing difficulties of his existence,

to overcome, thanks to digital technology, the most glaring inequalities.


Finding your soul mate, cleaning the oceans, making deserts bloom again, giving sight back to the visually impaired, digital technology proposes, through these startups, to overcome all difficulties, to overcome all obstacles until, in the near future, it will surely try to overcome death itself.


How a startup could solve the impossible equation, that of healing a heartache, how a company of the new world, that of digital,

that could solve everything, could replace the passing of time,

to the time that, until now, was the only one likely to heal heartache.


Can digital technology intervene in the intimate sphere, should it really try to solve everything, where are the limits of the exercise?

Let's see if the edifice will hold or if everything will go wrong.

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